Write 12 pages with APA style on The Best Airline in the United Kingdom and Europe. The airline schedules are today subjected to strict regulatory measures, which limits the flying time across Europe as a whole. To remain viable in the market, British airways must implement security and regulatory measures as stipulated by the control acts. The level of security measures that an airline puts in place also influences customer confidence and trust. Consequentially, British Airways must enforce the political security regulatory measures that are put in place by global airline control (O’Connell & Williamson, 2011).

A number of economic events in the global market have also affected the performance and vibrancy of the airline industry. For example, the global economic crisis of 2008 affected a number of businesses based in the United Kingdom, which further reduced the level of airline schedules. The growth of the industry following this crisis has not significantly picked up and is currently pegged at 2% yearly. Apart from the global financial crunch, the dwindling strength of the euro has also had a significant bearing on the performance of the airline sector (Punzel, 2011). The euro has continued to weaken against the pound and this has affected the performance of British Airways. To mitigate the challenges created by the meltdown, most businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom and the United States have cut down on their spending and travels, a situation that has affected the performance of the airline. The high cost of fuels, which has led to an increase in the cost of air travel, has also forced companies to adopt other cheaper alternatives such as teleconferencing (Balmer, Stuart & Greyser, 2009).

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Write 12 pages with APA style on The Best Airline in the United Kingdom and Europe.
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