Write 12 pages thesis on the topic improving student management information system. The idea is to implement this system in Kidbrooke School to enhance the efficiency of student management along with improving the quality of teaching in an effective manner. This system is easy and simple to use and helps in availing wide varieties of data and information in a hassle-free manner (Bonig, 2012). The simplicity of this system can be enhanced by using a computer database and database language in the form of SQL and Access. Furthermore, important design considerations and principles are in the form of visibility, system feedback, uniformity, simplicity of tasks, and easy to access and use. The basic importance of the proposed student management information system is based on the fact that it helps in collecting wide arrays of students’ details in the form of personal details, lecture details, subject details, grades, and feedback. This system can be considered as quite beneficial and useful for students and teachers considering the fact that minute details can be garnered with ease and thus enhancing and strengthening the information framework. The next part of the discussion presents the objectives and questions related to the proposed system. The current system is based on manual settings and the newly proposed system is aimed to automate all the processes. In this regard, a few questions need to be explored and investigated.&nbsp.In order to further address and investigate the project’s objectives and questions. it is important to have an understanding of the requirements specifications that will help in understanding the benefits and usefulness of the proposed system. The specification of requirements has been illustrated in a critical manner. Under this system, students will be able to feed all their information that can be accessed by the management of the&nbsp.school. The proposed name of the system is Kidbrooke Student Information Management System (KSIMS) where students will be asked to register with their name, address, contact details, and academic details.

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Write 12 pages thesis on the topic improving student management information system.
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