Write 1 page with APA style on Assessment of Qatari Traditional Architecture Responsiveness. Assessment of Qatari traditional architecture responsiveness Data collection tool: Interviews Semi-structured interviews will be used in the study’s data collection process. The data collection technique involves verbal presentation of questions to a respondent who answers the questions verbally. It consists of a set of predetermined questions but the researcher has freedom to explore additional questions that may arise from a participant’s response. The additional questions allows for deeper exploration of the research topic. The technique allows the researcher to derive extensive and in-depth information from the research process and it allows for implementation of communication skills towards overcoming possible participants’ resistance to engage in the research. This property facilitate response rate. Interviews are also flexible because the research questions can be redesigned to meet immediate needs. The technique is similarly suitable because of its spontaneous approach that increases chances of respondents’ honesty and the researcher is able adjust communication approach to fit each respondent. It might however be expensive and is susceptible to researcher’s bias but these weaknesses can be managed (Kothari 97- 99). The following questions will be used to collect data for the study.

What are some of the Qatari traditional types of architecture of which you are aware?

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Write 1 page with APA style on Assessment of Qatari Traditional Architecture Responsiveness.
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Is your knowledge of the ancient Qatari types of architecture comprehensive?

Of the traditional types of architecture that you know, which ones are currently available in Qatar?

Which environments do these traditional types of architecture exist in Qatar?

What is your opinion about the effects of the current Qatari environment on the traditional types of architecture?

Has the Qatari traditional architecture types been responsive to the environment? Could you explain the rationale for your opinion on this?

Works cited

Kothari, C. Research methodology: Methods and techniques. New Delhi: New Age International, 2008. Print.

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