Write 1 page thesis on the topic biology 9 introduction to environmental biology. Biology 9 Introduction to Environmental Biology Question Keeping members of the colony healthy require a natural system of disinfecting the nest. Bees extract sticky resins from some plants and move them to cement their nests forming propolis. Research analyses have found out that the propolis is a natural disinfectant that acts as an antibiotic. The propolis kills germs, eliminate bacteria and get rid of germs ensuring better health for the colony.

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Write 1 page thesis on the topic biology 9 introduction to environmental biology.
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There are various interacting causes of bees’ death. It involves the flowerless and dysfunctional food mechanisms, resulting from the farming methods adopted since World War II. Majority of farmers shunned the planting of clover and alfalfa crops which are the nutritional sources for bees. In addition to this, the use of herbicides to kill the weeds has resulted in the elimination of some weeds which bear flowers fed on by the bees. The concentration of neonics on the soil is dangerous as it is absorbed in the plant leaves and nectars. If the bees consume such nectars, they may get twitched and die eventually. The adoption of monoculture form of farming results in the elimination of plants such as almond that are important for the nutritional purposes of the bees. In addition, the emergence of agricultural food deserts have deprived bees of the living farms which were once inhabited by the bees.

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In order to save the bees from this situation of decreasing numbers, measures must be taken. We need to plant flowers in our lawns, gardens, pots because these flowering plants are the nutritional sites for bees. We should also diversify the farming activities by growing flowering hedge borders to prevent the growing number of agricultural food deserts.

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