—Your Project should review the documents that you have read, and we recommend that you phrase the subtitle of your Project as a question in order to stimulate argumentation and help keep the Project focused.

—Your Project MUST include:
 A bibliography of ALL relevant sources you have read and used (including FULL internet addresses).
 Highlighted copies of your THREE main sources(text based 1200-1500words) used.
 A variety of sources must be used.
The relevant sections of these documents MUST be marked (either by highlighting or underlining) and included as part of your Project. You can obviously read more than this but only this amount should be submitted.
Your word count should include the main text and any tables, diagrams and illustrations together with their captions, plus footnotes and endnotes, but not the table of contents, bibliography or appendices.

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—Marking Criteria
Reading Points (out of 25):
 Selection of material (documents should be from a variety of sources) – 10 points.
 Evaluation (how the documents are evaluated and used/integrated in the Project) – 15 points.

Writing Points (out of 75):
 Organisation – 10 points
 Style and register – 10 points
 Content – 18 points.
 Vocabulary – 15 points.
 Grammar, including spelling and punctuation – 22 points/

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