Context: The invasion and partition of Yugoslavia in 1941 was not just a result of external aggression but of internal disunity and weakness

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Why did Yugoslavia collapse so quickly at the beginning of the Second World War?
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questions to discuss within the essay:

1) The internal political situation in Yugoslavia after the assassination of Karadjordjević

2) The failed attempts by Milan Stojadinović to reach an agreement with Croat parties

3) Relations with neighbours – Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria/Germany

3) The ‘Cvetković-Maček Agreement (Sporazum)

4) The failure to implement the Sporazum

5) The role of extremist (anti-Yugoslav) exile groups being supported by external antagonists

6) The Tripartite Pact, the March Coup and invasion and partition

Try to blend the questions into the same paragraph don’t do a paragraph on each.

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