Paper instructions:

Locate your assignment and the related instructor feedback from Topic 4 of this course.

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Download the most current version of the 10 Strategic Points template from the DC Network.

Following the section directions found on pages 1-2 of the 10 Strategic Points template, use the information about the potential study you presented in the Topic 4 assignment and all relevant instructor feedback to revise/refine the topic, literature review, problem statement, methodology, and design. The revisions should clarify and focus ideas, solidify supporting arguments; edit for grammar, spelling, and punctuation; adjust word choice to display professional and scholarly language; and adjust sentence structure for improved readability.

Following the section directions found on pages 1-2 of the 10 Strategic Points template, complete the following items by entering them in the table found on pages 14-15 of the 10 Strategic Points template:

Item #4: Sample and Location. The Sample and Location must be directly related (align) to the Problem Statement expressed in the previous assignment. Consider the location and general accessibility of the population and sample; you must be able to readily access the target population and sample to complete the dissertation in a timely manner.
Item #5: Research Questions. The research questions must directly relate to the topic and the Problem Statement that emerged from the Literature Review. Consider what data must be generated to answer the research questions.
Item #6: Hypothesis/Variables or Phenomena. State the hypothesis/variables that correspond to each research question (quantitative studies) or phenomena to be understood (qualitative studies). The hypothesis/variables or phenomena must directly relate to the Problem Statement and research questions of the potential study.
Item #8: Purpose Statement. This must be a single sentence that expresses the purpose of the study by combining the problem statement, methodology, design, target population, and location.
Item #9: Data Collection. This provides a broad overview of how the data will be obtained. It also identifies the primary instrumentation and sources of data that will be used to answer the research questions.
Item #10: Data Analysis. This describes how the data collected will be used to address the research questions and fulfill the purpose of the study.

***Essentially this assignment is a continuation of a previous assignment… the purpose of this assignment is to give a fuller outline that gives more depth than the previous one.*** I will attach the previous one to this request because the whole of the assignment is based on the previous assignment. *****

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