Who uses accounting information? What do they use it for, and why do they find it helpful? What problems would arise if they weren’t provided with accounting information?


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Who Uses Accounting Information
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Describe the information provided by each of these financial statement: income statement, balance sheet, statement of owners equity. Identify ten business questions that can be answered by using financial accounting information. For each question, indicate which financial statement (or statements) would be most helpful in answering the question and why.


Identify the categories used on a classified balance sheet to report assets and liabilities. How do you determine what goes into each category? Why would a banker considering a loan to your company want to know whether an asset or liability is current or long-term?


What is accounting and what purpose does it serve? What do accountants do? What career choices do they have? Which career seem most interesting to you? Why?


What actions have been taken to help restore the trust that the public once had in the accounting profession? Do you believe these actions will help? Why or Why not? What other suggestions do you have to help the accounting profession and corporate America regain the public trust?


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