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QUESTION 10 In carrying out psychological research, the basic concept underlying the use of standardization is that all research participants are treated exactly the same, outside of differences due to being in a particular experimental group. O all research participants are treated exactly the same, even if they are in different conditions. operational definitions are used to establish a standard for treatment of participants. o the standard procedure uses both an independent variable and a dependent variable.

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Which Statement Most Closely Characterizes the Current View of Most Psychologists Toward the Study of Behavior.
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QUESTION 11 Which statement most closely characterizes the current view of most psychologists toward the study of behavior? O Psychologists borrow and blend from different perspectives. Psychologists tend to agree that the most productive approach is the biological perspective. O Psychologists take the approach that complex behavior can be reduced to patterns of simple behavior. Although psychologists differ in their basic approach, all agree on the questions to be asked and how they should be studied.

QUESTION 12 You arrive at class late, and walk in during the part of the lecture describing how action potentials work. The professor is saying, “the channels that allow sodium to flow into the neuron have just closed and the channels that allow potassium to flow out have opened.” You can conclude that the cell is demyelinated. O in the process of being depolarized and will soon fire. O in the process of returning to its original resting state. not behaving as it normally would and might be damaged.

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