PPR.430SAMPLE ESSAYPLEASE NOTE: THIS ESSAY MUST NOT BE REPRODUCED OR COPIED IN ANY WAY IN YOUR OWN SUBMISSION TO THIS MODULE OR ANY OTHER MODULE ON YOUR PROGRAMME OF STUDY1Is the United States a Multilateral Actor?IntroductionThe United States became a global superpower at the conclusion of the Second World War and it put this newfound power to work in order to create and establish multilateral institutions such as the American-inspired organization for world peace, the United Nations (UN), which other nations were encouraged to join and did.1The United States extended its overseas presence with substantial support from foreign nations that fell within its growing sphere of influence, putting the US in a position to create an “empire by invitation”.2Whilst the UNwas to a great extent an invention of the US government of Franklin Roosevelt, the US’s pre-eminence and its relationship with this formal multilateral institution has waxed and waned over the subsequent years which will be touched upon.3For the purpose of brevity the subject of this essay will have a limited focus on the more contemporary history and policy of the US, notably from the end of the Cold War and more primarily on the post-9/11 foreign policy of the United States under the Presidencies of both George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama. A brief historical overview is also necessary so as to provide context. Analytical case studies will also be employed in order to ascertain whether the United States is in fact a which other nations were encouraged to join and did actor; the Middle East region is useful as it provides contrasting cases. Iraq in particular will be a focus, briefly the 1991 GulfWar and more broadly the 2003 invasion and subsequent war, along with Libya in 2011 and Syria from 2011. However, it is first useful to clearly define multilateralism as a concept, explaining what it is all about, along with the different types so that this framework can then be applied to the case of the US, before examining further. This essay will argue that the United States is

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Which other nations were encouraged to join and did
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