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Question 6 Which of the following would NOT shift the U.S. aggregate demand curve? OD) U.S. monetary and fiscal policy B) a change in the quantity of capital in the United States OC) an expectation that inflation will be lower in the future O A) a change in income in Canada

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Which of the Following Would NOT Shift the U.S. Aggregate Demand Curve.
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Question 7 The long-run aggregate supply curve illustrates the OA) relationship of the price level and real GDP when the economy is at full employment C) amount of products producers offer at various prices when money wages and other resource prices do not change B) relationship of aggregate supply and aggregate demand. Di surpluses, shortages and equilibrium level of GDP.

Question 8 If taxes are increased, the AD curve OB) shifts rightward and aggregate demand decreases C) shifts leftward and aggregate demand decreases A) is not affected because a change in taxes is a nominal change not real change. D) does not shift but there is a movement down along the curve.

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