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Question 1 The word “intersectionality” refers to… o a form of social inequality that depends on just one tactor, like race or gender. o the way that your cultural background informs your experiences o the interactions between all the different ways society categorizes a person, and how their particular combination of identities shapes their life, children’s experiences of crossing the road on the way to school

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Which is True About Childhood and Globalization.
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Question 2 The term “global childhoods” refers to The different experiences children have in different parts of the world How children are impacted by the global forces that connect societies and cultures around the world. Both of the above None of the shove >

Question 3 Which is true about childhood and globalization? Globalization has been bad for children because interational trade has led to them being exploited for cheap labor Globalization has been good for children because it has encouraged countries to work together to ensure their rights are protected Globalization hasn’t really impacted children directly at all they mostly just feel the impact of its effects on their parents Globalization has very complicated consequences for children that are hard to define as positive or negative overall

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