This assignment is just a discussion. 2 paragraphs is enough for original discussion. Most students used youtube videos of movies or cartoons to describe and bring examples. I also ask you to write two comments for my schoolmates. 3-4 sentences is enough for each student to comment. You can also see for yourself what they wrote. I uploaded a PDF of 3 students’ discussions, please comment on two. Total of writing must be a full page in single space including original discussion and two comments. Here is the original assignment from the professor.
Discussion 4A and 4B: Middle to Late Childhood

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Which domains of intelligence do you feel you are strongest in and why?
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Choose one of the options below for this week’s discussion board. Please note which option you chose in your discussion board post.

Use Gardner’s theory of intelligence in Chapter 7 to answer the questions below.

1. Which domains of intelligence do you feel you are strongest in and why? Choose at least two of Gardner’s multiple intelligence categories to answer this question. Provide an example of each.

NOTE: Everyone has strengths! Part of the purpose of this discussion board is to help you recognize and reflect on your own strengths.

2. Which domain(s) of intelligence would you like to develop in the future?

NOTE: We are not considering these “weaknesses,” but rather areas that you’re interested in growing in the future.



One of the topics discussed in Chapter 8 is bullying.

What is at least one specific challenge that you think children have with regards to bullying?

NOTE: You may answer this question with regard to bullying in general or for children who are growing up in this day and age.
What potential messages do you think are helpful in tackling bullying behavior? What messages do you think are unhelpful? Please provide a rationale for your decision.

NOTE: Please feel free to post any videos, links, articles, or other material that supports your statements.

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