Similar to activity 1 except now as soon as you are touched the attacker places the ball on the ground, and the defender retreats 5 metres. As soon as the attacker touches the ball the defender can move. How many touches does it take you to score? Change over and see if you get less touches than your partner. Activity 3: 2 versus 12 attackers versus 1 defender. The object is to score touchdowns. Have 3 or 5 turns before changing attackers and defenders. It would be appropriate now to teach the skill : the basic catch and pass. Questions:What are the options for the attacker to beat the defender? What must the defender do?. You may need to extend the grid to 15 metres square. When touched the attackers perform a rollball and actinghalf pass. The object is to see to score a touchdown with the least number of touches. It would be appropriate to teach the skills of rollball, acting half pass and a basic settling pattern after they have practised and answered the problem solving questions. The build -up would now continue and the next extensions would be 3 versus 3, 4 versus 3, 4 versus 4 etc. until the full game of 7 versus 7 is reached. 3. Games for Outcomes Approach Here you have a specific outcome e.g. Line Defence. You then design a game to meet this outcome. All invasion games can be taught using the above three scenarios. Net/Wall Games Few facilities and equipment are required. Teachers can work on a grass area, tennis courts or indoors, anywhere where there is a space available. You do not necessarily need nets as a line can be drawn or cones used. Students can mark own 10 metre square courts using chalk. Activity 1: Around the World8 students per court. 4 at each end. A large soft ball per court. Throw the ball over the net with 2 hands and one bounce is required before the student at the other end catches and throws it back. Once thrown run around to the back of the opposite line. Questions:Where should you throw the ball to? Where should you best position yourself to receive the ball? Activity 2In pairs on a small 5 metre court. Play a mini-game first with 1 bounce of the ball allowed and then without a bounce. Encourage students to design own rules, e.g. score when serving. Questions:Where should you try and throw the ball to score a point? Where should you position yourself to receive the ball? If a player is at the back of the court where would you throw the ball and what is the name of the throw you would use? If the player is at the front of th

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Where should you position yourself to receive the ball?
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