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QUESTION 16 Which of the following best describes what a difference threshold is? The tendency to respond in a certain way due to factors unrelated to the stimulus. O The smallest physical difference between two stimuli that can still be recognized as a difference The minimum amount of energy needed to produce a reliable sensory experience. The tendency of receptor cells to lose power to respond after periods of unchanged stimulation.

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What Would the Researchers Need to Change this Study if they Wanted to Conclude that TV violence Increased Aggression.
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QUESTION 17 Lightness constancy works because the O percentage of light an object reflects remains the same even as the absolute amount of light changes. absolute amount of light that an object reflects remains constant across all environments. O visual system has evolved to ignore the percentage of light that an object reflects. O retinal image of an object remains constant even when the object is placed in different locations.

QUESTION 18 In a study examining effects of TV violence on aggression, a randomly selected group of children was first shown a violent cartoon. To measure their aggression, the researchers then recorded how hard the children hit a punching bag. Afterward, the same children were shown a non-violent cartoon and their aggression was once again measured using the punching bag. Consistent with the researchers’ hypothesis, they found that kids were more aggressive after watching the violent cartoon than after watching the non-violent cartoon. What would the researchers have needed to change about this study if they wanted to conclude that TV violence increased aggression? the order in which cartoons were shown O the kids used in the study the measure of aggression used the type of TV shows used

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