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DESCRIBE what would happen to your vision if your cones were destroyed but you still had plenty of rods?

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What Would Happen To Vision If The Cones Were Destroyed But Still Had Plenty Of Rods
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Now look at your eye in a mirror or a selfie view of your phone. Wash your hands then lift your palpebrae(eyelid). LIST (not draw) each aspect that you see using anatomical words. Remember that my notes, your book or the internet can help you come up with those terms. Next to each item, WRITE what color yours is.(brown)

There are a total of six structures or substances associated with the eye that must be clear/transparent or open in order for a person to be able to get photons of light to the sensory photo-receptors — rods and cones, that eventually lead to the afferent axons that we call your bilateral Optic Nerves. DO NOT list all of those clear/open items on your paper nor initial posting (reply box); ONLY TYPE-FOUR of the six clear/open structures or substances in your initial answer.

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