Create a working thesis and outline. Please use this Working Thesis and Outline Template to complete this assignment.
Step 1: Review the directions for outlining in Chapter 9 of Galvan and Galvan’s Writing Literature Reviews  NOTE:  Disregard this step
Step 2:  Ensure to review the following resources: Sample Working Thesis and Outline Document and  How to Create a Working Thesis and Outline (Click here for the video transcript). As explained in these resources, the main ideas should be expressed as complete sentences and supporting ideas should be cited using in-text citations.
Step 3: Start creating your working thesis and outline. Your outline should include:
Paper Topic:  What will healthcare look like in the future and how will robotics fit into it?
1.    Your topic and how it relates to your doctoral studies
2.    Your research question and the practical and conceptual problems within your topic
3.    Working thesis
4.    Synthesis: key themes from the literature
5.    In-text citations and list of references
Note: The sample outline is a very basic example of the format of the outline. This outline should not be considered a “complete” example. The final, submitted version of your outline should be longer, more fully developed, and contain 15+ sources. Also, make sure you review the rubric before getting started on this assignment (as well as before final submission) to ensure you have met all of the requirements listed in the rubric.

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