1. Russia’s history of living among hostile neighbors has contributed to a sense of _______________ among Russians.

Group of answer choices

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What was a Cultural Consequence of Japan’s Geographic Isolation
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social dissention

fatalism and paranoia

love and openness

shock and disbelief

2. What was a cultural consequence of Japan’s geographic isolation?

Group of answer choices

People struggle with self-consciousness in front of other people.

People strive to be extroverts.

People are often silent.

People value travel.

3. Two American students have just returned from a visit to Israel and eager to share their experiences. They give a presentation to their World History class. One Palestinian student gets fairly upset during the presentation and shouts, “What are you talking about?! Israel has marginalized and disenfranchised my people for the last 70 years.”

What concept in the text does this scenario address?

Group of answer choices

utilization of historical memory competency

acknowledgement of deep culture’s effect on self-identity

avoidance of racial profiling

sympathizing with another’s organizational-identification


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