3-5pp. in APA style.

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What role do gender roles play in parenting?
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In this essay you will explore three research questions that you have formulated about your topic. You will use only information from reliable sources, not opinions or arguments, but citations of data, facts, and your sources’ logical and fact based arguments (if relevant). You will not argue a position; your will remain objective in your examination of the three research questions that you have generated.

You must use at least five (5) sources including at least three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles. You may use other sources as well, but you must clear any non-peer reviewed source with me via email. As supplemental sources, you may use national newspaper or magazine articles, web sources that end in .edu or .gov, or org, and films or videos, for example. You must use reliable sources and you must be aware of any bias in your sources, such political (aka editorial) bias.

the three questions are:

Describe some of the ways socializing agents (e.g., family, peers, the media, religion, and schools) encouraged you to conform to traditional gender norms. Do you think you will encourage (or have you encouraged) your own children to conform to traditional gender norms? Why, or why not?

What role do gender roles play in parenting? (i.e. who parents, how do they parents, which values are taught as a result of that “gendered” parent, etc.) …

What hinders women from either taking on, or being promoted into, leadership positions in the the American corporate world?

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