In your analysis, you should identify and describe the rhetorical situation (genre, audience, purpose, stance, and context). Specifically, you should pay attention to:
•    the speaker’s primary argument
•    secondary claims that support or extend the primary argument
•    types of evidence that the speaker uses to justify his or her claims
•    assumptions that the speaker makes about the topic or expects the audience to make about the topic
•    the organizational, mechanical, and rhetorical delivery of the argument and evidence.
Because you are analyzing a video recording of the speech, in addition to a transcript of the text, you should also consider the speaker’s tone, gestures, and use of visuals. Note that a successful rhetorical analysis does not offer an independent analysis or argument about the subject matter of a text; instead, it answers the following questions:
•    What rhetorical strategies does an author/ a text use to persuade its audience?
•    Why?
•    To what effect?
This essay should demonstrate your ability to:
•    Analyze a text in the context of its rhetorical situation
•    Write a thesis-driven paper, supported by evidence
•    Exhibit development through the writing process (drafts, peer review workshops, conference)
•    Create clear, well-edited writing that is largely free of proofreading errors and errors of grammar, mechanics, and syntax

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