1.what physiologic functions does Vitamin C play a role in beyond being an antioxidant? Compare this to the other roles of vitamin C 1 point

1. b. What herbs/supplements does vitamin C interact with and why? How could you change someone’s diet to reduce the likelihood of these reactions? 1 point

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What Physiologic Functions does Vitamin C play a Role in beyond being an Antioxidant
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1. c. What drugs does vitamin C interact with “moderate”ly (list 5) and discuss why there could be a possible interaction. 1 point

1. d. What lab tests can vitamin C interact with (list 5)? 1 point

BONUS: What foods/cooking styles are LOW in AGEs and ALEs and foods that are LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX and GLYCEMIC LOAD. Include a short paragraph about why it is important to avoid AGEs and ALEs as well as why it’s important to eat foods that are LOW Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load.


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