1.What is your major and year at the university? Why did you select this major? What volunteer work have you participated in or what part–time jobs have you held? What are your career plans after graduation? (Write at least 4 sentences; worth 1.5 points).


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What is your Major and Year at the University Why did you select this Major
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2.What classes are you taking this semester besides this one? What are your academic goals for this semester? What is your main goal for this course? (Write at least 5 sentences; worth 1.5 points).


3. Self-assess your goals. Are these goals realistic? Why or why not? (Write at least 2 sentences; worth 1 point).


4.What obstacles do you think you may face in reaching your goals? How do you think you could overcome them? (Write at least 3 sentences; worth 1 point).


Pieces of information: My major is finance, The classes that I’m taking this semester are Managerial Accounting, Islamic3, Principle of management, operation management, technical and professional, and management information system.

Please write any imaginary future and goals it’s fine.


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