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QUESTION 43 The Ames room illusion shown in class shows that interposition cues are stronger than convergence cues changing the perceived distance of an object can change how big it looks O perceptual constancy requires two functioning eyes the perceived size of an object depends on whether it is in light or shadow

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QUESTION 44 A researcher is testing the hypothesis that caffeine makes people more talkative. Participants are randomly assigned to drink either regular coffee or warm milk. His assistant, who is unaware of the condition participants were in, then interviews them and finds that those who drank coffee indeed used a greater number of words during the interview. This leads the researchers to assume that the hypothesis was supported. What is the major threat to the validity of their conclusion? O some participants may have been more sensitive to caffeine than others O participants had expectancies about how the drinks would affect them the research assistant may have biased the results due to her knowledge of the hypothesis Ob&c only

QUESTION 45 mobilizes your body into action and your Taking a short cut through the park late one night, you catch a glimpse of movement in the shadows. Automatically, your sends commands to the muscles in your legs, telling them to run. O sympathetic nervous system; spinal cord O parasympathetic nervous system; brain O sympathetic nervous system; somatic nervous system O parasympathetic nervous system, somatic nervous system

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