What is the FDA-approved indication for this medication? (1 point)
What is its mechanism of action? (1 point)
What is the relationship between the pharmacodynamic activity and mechanism by which the medication exerts its clinical effects? (1 point)
What is the recommended dosage for a patient with mild renal impairment who is on no other medications? (1 point)
In Study 1, what percentage of the 669 patients were pain free 35 hours after administration of Nurtec? What percentage in the placebo group were pain free after 35 hours? (2 points)
What percentage of patients in the treatment group had to use a rescue medication vs placebo? (2 points)
In your opinion, is this a medication that you see yourself often prescribing to patients in a clinical setting? (2 points) ..

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?? What is the FDA-approved indication for this medication? (1 po
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