Your patient’s blood pressure has remained low all shift. The ICU consultant has now charted a dobutamine infusion to run at 5 micrograms/kg/min. Your patient weights 80kg. the 50ml syringe contains 250mg of dobutamine.

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 What is the Concentration of Dobutamine in the Syringe in mcg/ml
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a)   What is the concentration of dobutamine in the syringe in mcg/ml?


our patient is ordered 4 mg/hr morphine through the volumetric pump. You have made up an intravenous bag containing 50 mg morphine in 500 mL normal saline.

How many mL/hr will you dial up on the volumetric pump?

b)   What rate would you set the pump to run at in mls per hour?

3. Long acting Insulin is used to provide basal or background insulin and therefore must be implemented with rapid or short acting insulin at meal times, True OR False?



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