A division of Jayjonas Company Limited had 16 openings for assistant store managers last year and, as part of the company’s affirmative action program, filled the vacancies with 10 blacks and 6 whites. The selection process used a multiple hurdle approach which began with an application form and an intelligence test.
Applicants who scored 60 (out of 100) or higher on the intelligence test were then given an interview by the store managers. Based on the interview performances, the 16 vacancies were filled.
Ama Solar, a black applicant who scored 32 on the test filed a suit on behalf of all black applicants who failed the exams.
(a)What function (s) in the Human Resource Management process is this?
(b)What is an affirmative action policy; how different is this from a glass ceiling effect
(c)Were Ama Solar and other black applicants victims of racial discrimination because of the hiring policies of Jayjonas Company? Explain your position, citing specific cases to support your position

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