TWO topics are required. For each topic response, include at least one (1) reference from the internal learning materials and two (2) from external sources dated 2018 to present

Topic 1: Customer satisfaction, loyalty & empowerment
Visit and choose ONE of these corporate websites to assess:       Coca-Cola ( Red Bull (   Starbucks (
Note: You will have to go beyond the main landing page to obtain the data you need for your response.
Respond to the following questions for the company website you have chosen:

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What does this company do to build customer loyalty? To build community?
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What does this company do to build customer loyalty? To build community?
Are customers are empowered to do anything here? Are there opportunities for customer feedback?  Anything else?
Does the company partner with other organizations to leverage the loyalty those other companies enjoy with their customers? If so, what organizations?  What partnering activities is the company doing with those organizations?
Are you a loyal customer of this company or might be consider becoming one? Why or why not?

TOPIC 3: CUSTOMER EVC – Personal Application
Review the article below on EVC (economic value to the customer).  EVC is the dollar value worth of how much benefit a customer derives from using a product (Gallo, 2015).       Choose one product you use on a regular basis, but not one mentioned in this article  ( Example that can be used: Optimum Nutrition (Whey powder, pre-workout) )

Try to calculate your annual EVC for that product.

Discuss how you arrived at your EVC, including the tangible and intangible benefits you observed.

Discuss how your EVC relates to the selling price for the product (e.g., higher? lower? by how much?)


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