1)What does the train stand for in Snowpiercer (2013)? How does the film criticize contemporary state of affairs in the real world through its metaphorical depiction of the last survivors of humanity stuck in a high-speed train?

2)Is it possible to think of The Favourite (2018) as a timeless criticism of power relations? If so, how can we interpret the ending scene of the film when the central character is likened to rabbits despite the fact that she achieved her objectives and acquired substantial power?

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3) How do you think the aesthetic choices of Wes Anderson in The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), such as the frequent use of bright colors in the film’s mise-en-scene, contrasts with what happens to the same hotel in subsequent years? What is the significance of this change in regard to the central thematic concerns of the film?

4) How can we relate the terrible plight of dogs in the film Isle of Dogs (2018) to the miseries of the real-world human beings? Are there any similarities between the actions of the mayor of the imagined Japanese city Megasaki and the historical actions of certain real-world governments?

5) How does Brooklyn (2015) portray American identity and the question of immigration in contemporary times through its depiction of a love affair between two immigrants from two different countries in 1950’s America?


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