Ethics can be related to medicine (What is a doctor’s job?) or religion (What does the Bible say about suicide and homicide?). Cultural norms can be related to specific cultural practices or views (How does Japanese culture perceive suicide or death? How does American culture perceive suicide or death?). Moral obligations can be related to duties and roles (What is a parent’s obligation to his/her terminally ill child? What is a child’s responsibility to his/her terminally ill parent? What is a terminally ill parent’s responsibility to his or her child?). There are many things to think about in constructing this essay.There are lots of questions and issues surrounding this topic. There is no right or wrong thesis– you can oppose or support legalizing euthanasia, but make sure you include research and details that substantiate and “prove” your stance is the best of the two sides. Focus on organizing your ideas and on integrating 1-2 meaningful sources based on library research to support your ideas in the body paragraphs. There is no formula in how many sources to use per paragraph, but keep in mind that a sources used strategically support your ideas. This research essay is about your ideas on the topic, and the sources you include will show how you ideas make sense. If you make sense, you win the argument!

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What does the Bible say about suicide and homicide?
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For the library research component of this essay, all sources in the Works Cited must come from the Library Database. Again, you can read online freely for inspiration or personal research, but you are not allowed to cite non-library database resources in this essay. For the Works Cited, you must include the URL from your research (if the source is from the internet). This is how I can see if you did, in fact, use the library database as required.


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