Please provide the following Covid Facts:
Where did the virus originate – City Country and First Reports
Date and time of spread
Fatality Rate
Infection Rate
How long to show symptoms
Why is the virus so dangerous
Does the Virus adversely affect anyone?
What population is most affected (poor Elderly Children middle age disability?
The estimate of 2020 covid 19 related deaths
Could Covid 19 be patented?
Are there any viruses Patented?
Are there any viruses that are in the Covid family that are Patented?
Is it possible Covid 19 was made in a laboratory?
Vaccine How long did it take to create
What are some of the vaccine side effects that we know of?
What is the Effective vaccine rate?
What companies are benefiting monetarily from the Covid Crisis? (both names and the areas of service)
What companies are losing out monetarily from the Covid Crisis?
Do hospitals in the United States and in other countries get paid per patient for treating covid?
Pre Covid In United States what was the overall ICU & ER capacity rate – was it below 15% availability? Please compare with other developed countries
During covid what is the ICU & ER Capacity Rate? Please compare United States with other developed countries

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What companies are losing out monetarily from the Covid Crisis?
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