A 67 year old woman presents to the clinic complaining of sharp cramps and pains in her legs while exercising. The pain stops by rest but begins again when continuing the exercise. She was diagnosed with hypertension 25 years ago and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes years ago. The cramping is in the calf area and occurs at any exercise intensity greater than walking.P 80/min
BP 165/100 mmHg

BMI 35; there is a slight ulceration of the skin on the lower left leg and the toes on both feet show signs of cyanosis. The lower legs appear shiny and feel col to the touch. Elevation of the calf causes the skin color to become paleWhat is cyanosis? And why is this happening in the leg?
What are the various calf muscles involved in walking?
How does metabolic control of vascular resistance play a role in these symptoms?
What would happen to blood flow if there are atherosclerotic plaques in addition to the above question?

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What are the various calf muscles involved in walking?
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