What are the three types of friendships described in the Nichomachaean Ethics? Can you give examples of each in your own life? Give examples from the text-use parenthetical APA citations.Check out this article on AI and Friendship-and explain what kind of ‘friendship’ category you think this app might fit? What concerns or benefits do you think this kind of technology will have in your life and our society in the future?Note: I have added the link to the MIT Ross translation of the Nichomachean Ethics because I have found that some different versions of the DBR 200 iBook are still linked to in the Canvas course (sorry about that) so some of the Chapter number references won’t match up with the Discussion Assignments and in the case of Ch. 11 Nichomachean Ethics don’t even show up in the older version of the text which may be the case in your iBook. No worries! I think the above links will allow you to do the assignment now! Cheers! ..

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What are the three types of friendships described in the Ni
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