Dar Al Ahlam Restaurant & Grill: New Strategy A study Case Dar Al Hlam Restaurant & Grill established in early 2010 in Al Ain City and is one of many well-known restaurants in this town such as Ledger restaurant and Al Massoudi Restaurant. Dar Al Ahlam Restaurant’s strategy over the last four years, especially since its recent expansion, has centered on three axes: the quality of food, the quality of service, and competitive prices. During this period, the restaurant has succeeded well in these three things together. One customer wrote on the restaurant’s website: “The food is always fresh even as a Delivery, prices are always affordable; and delivery of food arrives as advertised warm & timely, the salads are fantastic, the range of light beverages is nice”. However, there are still some issues and cases of grumbling and dissatisfaction with some consumers (especially non-Arab nationalities) about the treatment methods. The administration has advised the staff constantly of the value of the customers and the significance of always dealing with him properly. The management of the restaurant also carries the slogan: “customer is always right”, and it is necessary not to discriminate between customers on the basis of race or nationality. Currently the restaurant, like all other restaurants, faces an extraordinary condition induced by corona vireos disease, which pressured the restaurant to close the interior hall for customers and compromise for home delivery strategy The restaurant owner recently announced that, under these conditions, this is the only alternative to guarantee our future in that market. Questions: 1- Describe in four points, the issue facing Dar Al Hlam restaurant. 2. Do you suggest that the restaurant management give up directly serving food and focus on a customer service strategy? Give three justifications 3. What requirements do you find essential for success in implementing such a home delivery strategy and those that execute it?

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