YOU MUST ANSWER ALLL THESE QUESTIONS 1. Define and explain Kurt Lewin’s three-phase organisational change model for contemporary organisations. Think of a business scenario whereby you are a top manager about to implement a planned change; provide a detailed illustration of how you would use this model to effectively execute the change(s). 2. In order to survive in a very challenging industry, Sydney’s Belvoir St Theatre operated on a parity pay system between 1984 and 2010. From the general manager to the box-office staff, every employee was paid the same amount. Identify two or three advantages and disadvantages of this rewards system. Do you agree that this system leads to an increase in job satisfaction among staff members? Discuss. 3. What are the major differences in potential outcomes achieved by managers using the force- coercion, rational persuasion and shared power strategies to bring about organisational change?

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What are the Major Differences in Potential Outcomes Achieved by Managers using the Force- Coercion
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