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Q2 A Significant percentage of failures in deploying an organization strategy and obtaining the anticipated benefits, are caused by ignoring the impact of the strategy on business processes during the strategy formula on steps. Do you agree? Discuss in detail. You plan to undertake resource audit for internal environment analysis before starting the assignment. Why have you chosen resource audit for internal environment analysis for this assignment? explain in detail (06 Marks)

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What are the Major Criteria to Select a Business Process Modelling Tool.
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Q5 You proposed purchase of process modelling tool to your client for this assignment. In your opinion what are the reasons and justification to model process of Airline. Airline is not ready to pay for modelling tools as it is out of scope as per signed contract. In order to save project cost, Which process modelling tool you will use and why. Justify your answer. what are the major criteria to select a Business process modelling tool?(06 Marks)

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