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each answer not less than 200 words

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What are the main benefits that financial markets provide to society?
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1. What do you consider to be some of the main benefits that financial markets provide to society? What are some of the key problems associated with these markets? Choose 1 or 2 different markets to explain your answer (eg. stock market, currency market, etc.).

2. Do you think Canada could ever experience hyperinflation? Why/why not? What might cause hyperinflation to happen here?

3. Do you think an educated investor should rely primarily on technical or fundamental analysis or both? Why?

4. Do you think we should adopt a North American currency, called the Amero (similar to the European Union’s Euro)? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages?

5. Do you think the trading of derivatives on the financial markets should be banned? Why/Why not?

6. Do you believe hedge funds serve a useful purpose? Why/Why not? What are some of their pros and cons?

7. What are the main reasons financial markets have gone through boom and bust cycles throughout history?

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