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You have recently accepted a position as Human Resource Director for Jupiter Industries, a multi-national organization operating across 5 business segments, specifically, industrial valves and controls, plastics, fire suppression equipment, electronic components, and specialized medical products. Jupiter Industries has established worldwide headquarters in Bremen, Germany, and has groups located in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Pacific Rim countries. The MENA group is the most recently formed division within the Jupiter organization, and is composed of various concentric businesses that fit into one of the five organizational business segments, all of which have been acquired over the past two years in both the Middle East region (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Jordan) as well as North Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria). You will be working at the MENA headquarters located in Manama, Bahrain and will be responsible for all divisions located in the MENA (Middle East, North Africa) region. You will report directly to the VP of Operations in Manama, with dotted-line reporting responsibility to Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) in Bremen. Specifically, you are being tasked with establishing Human Resource policy and practice in regard to strategic collaboration with divisional heads, utilizing HRIS systems in addressing areas such as recruitment and retention, training and development, performance management programs, compensation management, employee benefit programs and employee relations, including motivational programs, incentive programs, and disciplinary procedures. You will be working on policies and procedures that can be utilized throughout the region, to bring some semblance of order and uniformity in dealing with strategic HR employee programs. After a thoughtful review of current HR programs for the region, you will prepare a report for the VP of Operations and CHRO and distribute to all division heads, formulating your HR strategic goals across all HR areas of responsibility, highlighting recommendations for improving the overall impact of these programs on talent management initiatives including attraction and retention of top talent and the methodologies used to do so. This report will be inclusive of all Human Resource functions and provide both strategic and operational goals of the desired outcomes and, the means or “how” to reach these deliverables. The final report should include the following:

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1. What type of organizational structure exists at Jupiter industries? From an HR perspective, what advantages exist with this kind of structure? What are the disadvantages? Is the organization centralized or decentralized? Support your answer. What areas of responsibility should be addressed by Jupiter’s corporate level strategy? The business unit level strategy? What role does the functional level play? How do these strategies impact HR strategy? What are the expected outcomes of HR strategy and what are specific barriers to successful HR strategy implementation?

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