Answers to each question should be in the range of 500-700 words, or the equivalent of two-three typed, 12 point font, double-spaced pages, and include at least two references other than those in the reading assignments. Please note that your references should begin on a new page separate from your answer to the question.

What are the effects, if any, of students in a classroom texting each other back and forth while in class? Why is this being done? Even when people stand in lines, they text the person standing right next to them? Does this make it easier to communicate? Does it make communication more difficult? Do you feel this is a healthy or unhealthy practice?

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Consider the idea that a person may be addicted to electronic media. For this writing assignment, try and look at their behavior from a different perspective. For this exercise, instead of electronic addiction, would you think any differently if they were doing similar things regarding movies? television? or a book series like Harry Potter? How would you approach this person? How would you know they have an obsession?



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