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Courtney Bayer, was managing her new boss’ social media. Bayer spent a long summer working as an assistant to Kelly Daniels, the owner of Elevate Home Staging. It is a small business that specializes in redecorating homes to sell quickly and for top dollar. It accumulated a no. of glowing online reviews and was featured on a Home and Garden Television show. Despite the success, Bayer had sensed some frustration from customers. A visibly angry customer named Anniel Masters stormed into the office and said, “Is Kelly here? Once again, she’s not responding to me.” Although Bayer’s authority was limited, she needed to salvage Masters’ service experience and prove her value to Daniels if she wanted this job to turn into a full-time position. Bayer’s thought immediately went to the text messages she recently exchanged with Masters. Had she followed through on her promises to Masters? (Please see Exhibit 1 for the text messages between the two). Daniels was on a last-minute family vacation to the mountains and would not be back in the office for another week, so Bayer was left to manage a number of projects. Bayer wanted to rectify the situation as best as she could and asked Masters if she could help with anything else. Masters’ was obviously agitated, but explained, I called Kelly in May because we wanted to get our house ready to sell before school started in August. Basically, all I needed was some help arranging my living room furniture and hanging pictures. Thanks to Kelly’s vision and charm, a small job soon became a big job that included staging the entire house as well as redecorating the master suite, office, playroom and back porch. Masters handed Bayer a copy of her contract. As Bayer glanced over the document, she was surprised to see that Masters agreed to pay Elevate Home Staging $75 per hour for an estimated 20 hours of work. The project would cost $1500, which was well above the media amount of $675 that was spent on home staging. Masters continued, My biggest mistake was giving Kelly a $500 service retainer and a $400 deposit for furnishings. After that, she seemed to lose interest in my project. It often took her days to respond to my text messages. A few times, she told me she’d call me, but she never did. That’s when I started texting you. I didn’t want to be rude, but I needed somebody to respond. There was always a dramatic excuse for her lack of availability, though. In the last two months, she has moved or cancelled appointments because of church camp, illness, injury, a missing family member, a robbery, and little league playoffs. One or two of these excuses is understandable, but it’s always something new and the work never gets done. I swear, I didn’t see her for weeks at a time, which left my family living in a disheveled mess. Not only that, but she didn’t deliver one of the many contractors that she promised to provide. I wasted a lot of my vacating finding a painter, furniture repairman, and upholsterer. So far, I have paid $900 for Kelly to set up a Pinterest board, arrange my living room furniture, hang some pictures, pick a terrible paint color, buy a curtain rod, and deliver a table. That’s all she’s done! She’s about to miss her final deadline and she hasn’t responded to my texts, emails or voice messages about setting up an appointment with a picture hanger in over two weeks. I can’t wait to hear her excuse this time. Bayer was in a difficult position. She knew that Daniels was stretched thin as a mother of five who was running her own business. However, she could understand Masters’ frustration and did not want to lose her as a customer. In home staging, like many small businesses, service providers rely on word of mouth. An upset customer, like Masters, could have a negative effect on future business. Bayer wanted to resolve Masters’ frustration, but she did not wan to say anything that would make her boss look bad. She wanted Daniel to maker her a full-time job offer! After all, Bayer had turned down a lucrative managerial position was a gamble, but she hoped it would be her opportunity to break into the exclusive design industry. Bayer said, “Daniels had to go out of town, but I’ll do my best to track her down. I’ll ask her to contact you and let you know when you can expect the picture hanger.” As Masters left Elevate Home Staging, Bayer though back to her services marketing class. She wondered what Elevate Home Staging should have done differently to ensure Masters’ satisfaction? Also, how could Bayer now help Masters without making her boss look bad? Exhibit 1: Text messages between Annie Masters and Courtney Bayer TO: Courtney Bayer FROM: Annie Masters Hi! This is Annie. Have you heard anything from Kelly about when you and the heavy picture hanger will be working at my house this week? She was supposed to set up a date, but I haven’t heard from her in over a week. Her texts are often iffy, so I was hoping you could give me some information. Please let me know ASAP because I have work obligations this week, too. Thanks TO: Annie Masters FROM: Courtney Bayer Hi Annie! I will check with her and let you know as soon as I hear anything! TO: Courtney Bayer FROM: Annie Masters Thank You! Really appreciate any communication! TO: Annie Masters FROM: Courtney Bayer No problem! I just text her and will let you know when she replied! TO: Annie Masters FROM: Courtney Bayer Good morning Annie! Just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. Kelly said she was trying to get a hold of Javier yesterday. I just texted her again this morning and am waiting on a response. When do you have to work this week? TO: Courtney Bayer FROM: Annie Masters Thank you! Really appreciate the follow-up. I’m working all day Thursday, so tomorrow or Friday would be okay. Thanks again! TO: Annie Masters FROM: Courtney Bayer Ok perfect I will let her know. I’m sorry about the delay. I just don’t have anyone’s contact info except for hers! When does school start back up? TO: Courtney Bayer FROM: Annie Masters Thanks for saying that. It helps! School in-service starts on the 14″, so that’s the FINAL deadline. Where did the summer go? TO: Annie Masters FROM: Courtney Bayer I know I feel the same way! It’s like it didn’t even happen! Ok well I will keep you informed. I wish I could do more, but I will do my best to figure out a plan.

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QI. Which of the four gaps from the gaps model of service quality contribute to Masters’ dissatisfaction with Elevate’s staging service? To what degree did these gaps contribute?

Q2. What are the different aspects of service quality present & absent in the case, and how should these service quality gaps be addressed?

Q3. How should Bayer handle the present service failure situation in order to salvage the situation and satisfy Masters without upsetting her boss, Daniels? 1

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