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having some trouble understanding how to do case #4. Specifically, people are having trouble wrapping their head around what i mean by put it in a letter format. I really just wanted you to have some fun with this and get into the scenario of the case by pretending to be a real consultant sending a a proposal to respond to an agency inquiry. this will also get you to know how to write business letters. I sometimes forget that I am an anachronism (old fogie) and still write letters and so its natural for me but ay not be so natural for younger folks (Gen Y and Gen Z, if you kept up with your reading). This was a chance for you to show your creative side while responding to the assignment. Basically you will write to the CEO (that’s why I gave you his name) in a formal business letter as a consultant referred to do Agency X’s retreat. The business letter is very basic. In the first paragraph you state your credentials (consultant for your fake name agency) and who referred you (Dr. . The over the next few paragraphs respond to the questions that I ask in an essay format like you would for a regular paper with citations and everything. At the end of the letter you have a closing paragraph with your contact information and salutations (1 hope to hear from you soon or looking forward to working with you and your staff). Have fun with it and put yourself into character as the world renowned consultant. I hope that helps. The new COO of Agency X, Pamela Biggs, feels that the organization is going in the wrong direction. She is concerned with the losses in the clinic and the recent law suit. She wants the agency to get back to its mission and values. However, she can’t find a copy of the agency’s mission anywhere. She approaches the CEO, Trevor Williams, and says they should do some strategic planning to get the agency back on track. Pamela suggests a 5-day retreat for all staff to review and update the vision, mission, and values of the agency. The CEO is not sure that he wants to outlay funds for a five-day retreat. You were recommended to them as a consultant who can help them with their planning process. Before they spend the money, they want to know why strategic planning is so important. They also want to know about a process to help them follow up with future strategic planning and decision making. You decide to introduce them to continuous Quality Improvement (CRI) or Results Based Accountability (RBA). They ask which one of these you think, in your expertise, should be used to help them with their strategic planning Get into character and play the role of the consultant to answer these questions for the CEO and COO before they go to the BOD. Write a formal letter as a proposal to the CEO answering the following questions regarding the planning you want to do with the agency: 1. How would you explain to the Agency X CEO, CFO, and BOD why strategic planning is important? 2. What are the three components involved in the SWOT analysis? 3. When doing a market assessment, describe the Five Forces Model and how you would use it to examine the opportunities and threats to the organization? 4. Why is vision, mission, and values of the agency important in doing the strategic planning for the agency? How is vision, mission, and values different from each other?
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