The only information that needs to be added:
Where is your hypothesis and testing instrument?  How about your data?  How did you test.  Please address these items before the final submission.

Week 4 research paper assignment submission link:
Required elements of assignment: Please submit your final research paper including (1) hypothesis stated as a thesis (revised, if necessary); (2) revised abstract; (3) a revised summary of the research to date; (4) conclusions drawn from the research; and (5) the annotated bibliography to date (revised, if necessary).

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Formatting requirements:  The paper must be prepared and uploaded as a WORD document.  If it is submitted in any other format, including without limitation a PDF, you will not receive credit until it is submitted in the proper format

APA formatting and citation requirements apply:  You must follow APA formatting and citation requirements.  Papers omitting in-text citations or annotated bibliographies will receive zero credit until the omitted citations are supplied.

No specific word count or page number requirement for Week 2 assignment: This assignment does not have a specific word count or page number requirement.  You are encouraged to use your own best judgment, keeping in mind the pace of the course and that the final paper must be at least 10 pages long and include a minimum of 10 sources of information; at least 5 of which should be peer reviewed sources.

An annotated bibliography is more extensive than a standard References or Works Cited page. In addition to providing the full citation, including URL and/or DOI , an annotated bibliography includes a brief summary of each source.

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