View the documentary The Music Instinct: Science and Song, and write a thoughtful essay about aspects of the film that interested you. Your short essay (target 5 well-written paragraphs=50 points) will be graded according to 1) the extent to which it shows college-level thinking and 2) mastery of course content (vocabulary and concepts). You can write about any aspect or aspects of the films that interest you, but you will find some thought-provoking questions below. The ideal point total would be 50 points, but it would be possible to accumulate more if you invest more thought and energy.

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What are some of the ways music can function therapeutically?
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You may begin with viewing and reacting to The Memory Project: Henry’s Story (6 min., 44 sec.): (official) Alive Inside Film of Music and Memory Project – Henry’s Story
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Then, you should view and respond to the beginning of the documentary The Music Instinct on YouTube at:
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You only need to watch the first hour and forty minutes. (It is not necessary to watch all 7 hours!).

Just to stimulate thought, (you don’t need to answer all or even any of these questions):

What was up with Henry? Why did music have such a profound effect on him?

Why music? Why do human beings make music in the first place? Why did music evolve? Why do we hear music the way we do? What are theories about the role of music in evolution?

Are the various components of music things that can even be explained by science?

What does science tell us about the power of music?

Is human response to music hard-wired or culturally determined? Is human reaction to rhythm and melody universal or influenced by environment?

After listening to the scientific opinions in this documentary, do you think that language is a product of music, or is music a product of our ability for language?

Can music make us smarter? Can music heal?

Is music just for humans? Is it unique to us or do other animals have music?

What do we know about the relationship between music and the body?

How is the brain of a musician different that of other humans?

Discuss music therapy. What are some of the ways music can function therapeutically?




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