What is privilege? How can it be applied to race in the U.S.? Who has it? Who does not?
How can people with privilege affect society in ways people without privilege cannot?
Name some examples where white people receive certain advantages – either unconsciously or consciously – that people of color do not receive. Are these examples of white privilege institutional or interpersonal?
What is color blind racism?
What are some of the costs of racism for white people? Why should white people work to address white privilege?
Why does Wise suggest that issues like poverty, housing, education, and healthcare are race related issues? What do you think?
Why do you think mainstream media report on individual, interpersonal cases of racism far more than systematic and institutionalized forms of racial injustice?
Why do you think American wealth is distributed primarily among people who are white? What historical periods and specific events may have led to this? Explain

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What are Some of the Costs of Racism for White People
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