We began our time together watching “The Lottery of Birth” and questioning the notion that “everything you know is wrong.” Take some time to consider the following statements from the film…“The knowledge we possess and the values we hold emerge from the interactions between our cognitive architecture and our experiences.”“Just as it’s important to study the history of your society, of your culture, of your nation, I think it also useful to study your own history…your own personal history. As an individual, you have had a very limited set of experiences, and the limitation of your experiences may have set limitations on your thinking…may have narrowed your thinking. And to recognize these limitations, to recognize that you may have been limited by your family, by your education, by your church, by the class in which you were born, to recognize the limitations of your personal experience is to then enable you, perhaps, to go beyond those limitations.” In a 1-2 page paper, discuss how your own personal history has shaped your view on some form of deviance you have observed in everyday life (this can be deviant to you personally OR what you’d imagine to be deviant to mainstream thinkers). Over the course of the semester, have you recognized any limitations in your thinking regarding this “deviant” attitude, behavior or condition? In other words, did you see it differently than you may have before discovering/using the sociological perspective of deviance? Explain.Your paper should be double-spaced, titled, paginated and proofread carefully. Fonts should be set at 12-point in Times New Roman. ..

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We began our time together watching “The Lottery of Birth
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