Essay and homework assignment on the comic book “Watchman”

Essay Assignment:
ESSENTIAL QUESTION Is Watchmen a story of salvation or destruction?
How does the issue of vigilantism play out in the story? How do the social discussions of and attitudes toward vigilantism affect the main characters? What are some (or all) of the ways that we see the will of an individual come into conflict with the will of the majority and how do they play out? Are the major characters in Watchmen heroes or villains and how do we decide?
Essay Prompt: Using the primary source, readings from class, and outside research, construct a well-written and polished collaborative (group) essay of at least 1500 words that discusses all of the questions above.
Your essay MUST:
Include a thesis that addresses your group’s take on the essential questions of the assignment
Include an introduction and conclusion with the number and style of body paragraphs that best fits your content.
Include evidence based on your analysis NOT JUST SUMMARY
Cite at least 5 sources properly in text and in your works cited page
Include at least 1 properly cited quotes and 2 pieces of (still properly cited) information that is not quoted PER GROUP MEMBER
Use proper spelling/grammar/syntax
Include 3-4 images (each group member should find at least 1) that is relevant to your section (with a caption) integrated into the text of the paper
Maintain the 3rd person POV
Be 1500-1800 words (typed, 12-pt font), in proper MLA format PLUS a Works Cited page
Your essay SHOULD:
Include only summary when necessary (don’t summarize the whole book)
Include sources other than the class readings
Include discussion of the visual (what you see) aspects of the story, not just the plot
Quote skillfully. This means integrating or merging the direct quote with your own analysis. Be sure to explain how the quote connects to your overall point. Be clear about how the direct evidence fits with your analysis. Don’t leave it to your reader to make the connections for you – you are doing the work of making the connections.
Your essay MIGHT:
Include some of the ideas that you explored in your earlier essays but WILL NOT include any of the same writing (this is all new writing for this essay)
Due Dates:
The final draft of this essay must be uploaded to Blackboard by the end of class on 7/5/18 (Worth 50% of grade)
Your personal reflection paper (details to be distributed later) will be due before class on 7/10 (worth 50% of grade)
Essay Rubric
150 points will be awarded according to this scale:
For each objective listed below
10 points = went above and beyond what was required.
6 -9 points = met some, most, or all expectations.
3- 5 points = fell short of the minimum requirements.
0-2 points = did not give any, or enough, attention to requirement.
_______ Essay has an engaging introduction, a logical conclusion, and a clear point (thesis) and that single main point clearly carries through the entire essay.
_______ Essay body paragraphs include details/narratives/discussion in support of thesis and each body paragraph has a strong topic sentence that is clearly relevant to thesis but distinct from the other body paragraphs.
_______ Essay includes cited evidence from at least 5 sources (including Watchmen) and all supporting evidence from sources is properly cited using all steps of the citation process and author integrates information from sources, tying it together with your own discussion and analysis. .
_______ Author effectively integrates required relevant images with caption in the essay.
_______ Author maintains a natural voice and style, with an appropriate tone and point of view
_______ Essay achieves minimum length without any “fluff” (unhelpful/irrelevant content).
_______ Author clearly includes their analysis of the topic, not just their research into other’s analysis.
_______ Essay follows MLA guidelines in format, including an interesting and relevant title.
_______ Authors offers a thorough, detailed, and interesting analysis of the essential questions and essay is interesting and well-developed overall.
_______ Essay flows well as a cohesive project, with clear attention to editing and polishing.
_______ Reflection paper meets requirements of length and format
_______ Reflection Paper provides an overview of how the group worked together and divided duties
_______ Reflection Paper includes the writing and editing work that you personally did (which will be checked against the Google doc)
_______ Reflection Paper is well-written and polished with appropriate tone, voice, structure, etc
_______ Reflection Paper offers your personal analysis of how the project went and what you’d do differently if given the chance
_______ Out of 150 possible points

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