View Full Description and Attachment(s)Policy analysis is about finding out what governments do, why they do it, and what difference those activities make. One result of that process is considering the termination of a program. However, this is not an easy process.(1) Why are government programs seldom terminated? Provide at least three reasons in your response.(2) Please present an example of a government program that should have been terminated and explain how it may have survived (think about stakeholders and their interests).Remember to incorporate key terms/concepts from your required readings along with replying to your classmates. You are also expected to reference the assigned readings while properly citing all sources. Initial posts should be at least 300 words in length (but less than 500 words). Replies to classmates should each be at least 150 words in length. Please reference the attached rubric for additional scoring guidelines. Forum Rubric.pdfView Dates ..

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View Full Description and Attachment(s)Policy analysis is a
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