Paper instructions:

Guidelines for completion of the Assignment
I. Compare two dissimilar social service agencies (e.g. public vs. private, youth vs. elderly clients, etc.) on the following dimensions: financing/funding sources, clientele characteristics, service provision, mechanisms for evaluating effectiveness of services.
● Review the mission statement for each agency.
o Does the organization have a clear, meaningful written mission statement, which reflects its fundamental purpose, values and people served? What is the mission statement of each organization? Based on this mission statement, what might a potential client expect from the agency? Has the mission changed over time? If so, what fundamental changes have been made in the agency’s history?
● Contrast the organizational structure of each agency.
o Is there a formal organizational chart that demonstrates the lines of authority and how control and supervision are supposed to flow? Attach copies. Prepare the informal organizational chart for each organization, paying particular attention to the channels of communication and dimensions of power.
● Consider the conceptual framework adhered to by each agency.
o Paying particular attention to the structure of the agency and how staff is currently treated and included in the agency functioning (worker empowerment), which organizational theory is dominant in each of the two social service agencies? Based on your discussion of how the organizations could improve service delivery, would a shift in the dominant organizational theory be necessary? If so, to which?
● Describe the organizational culture of each agency.
o What visible aspects of the organizational culture are apparent? Consider artifacts such as space allocation and usage, furniture arrangements, signage and décor, employee dress, interactions between workers, resource allocation and usage, etc. What invisible aspects of the organizational culture are apparent in the functioning of the agency? Consider values, beliefs, attitudes, assumptions held by workers, clients, and community members, including tones used in communication, what is said and what is not, “sacred cows”, etc.
o What method of management approaches are taken by management to address worker motivation, needs, and interpersonal dynamics?

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