Understanding Aging in America: The focus of this discussion is to familiarize you with important social, governmental, and research institutions and agencies that contribute to the ‘face of aging’ in America.


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Understanding Aging in America
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American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
National Area Agency on Aging
American Society on Aging
National Institute on Aging
National Center for Creative Aging
Select one of the agencies above. For the agency you’ve selected, answer the following questions. Note that you should not solely cut and paste from the site but use your own language to answer the questions. If you do, in some cases, quote from the site, make sure to use quotation marks and to cite the website as the source of that material.

1. Describe the overall goal of this site? What is the mission of this organization?

2. Who would be the primary users of this site, and why? (e.g., does this site provide information for older adults, caregivers of older adults, professionals in aging, researchers interested in aging?)

3. Provide a clear critique the site in terms of overall text, layout, navigation, and content. Indicate whether this site would be easy for an older adult to navigate and why.

4. Describe something specific that you learned from this site that would be useful to you if you pursue a career in aging, or in which you are interacting with older adults. Make sure you give something specific and be clear about how you would use that information.



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