This is a case study for a company, they have given the challenges, i need to tackle those challenges and find solution as mentioned in the documents. Need to include SWOT and PEST analysis, need to add reference and zero plagarism.

These are the instruction given from the office.
1.      Assignment should be a of relevant facts based on your research)

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2.      You may use Bar diagrams/ Pie Charts/graphs to depict your case (work on excel & copy paste in the ppt file)

3.      Give your own interpretations, and analyze the topic in its entirety.

4.      No Plagiarism: do not copy paste information directly from the internet/book/any other source!! (The evaluators are researchers and can spot any type of plagiarism, your assignment will be immediately rejected if that is the case and your candidature will be turned down)

5.      In case of any references, please mention in Footnote/bibliography (with clear ref to the website / links from where information was collected).

I am attaching few article of this company which is giving market intelligence to client, I want like this for my case study.

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