Paper instructions:

Moral Universe Writing Assignment: Due END OF HOUR
Denotation: A moral universe is the moral nature of the universe as a whole in
relation to human life, or a specific moral code during a specific time or era.
Assignment: Writing Practice
Compare our present day “moral universe” to the “moral universe” of Maycomb.
How are they the same and how are they different. Use examples from the novel
and any personal examples you may have (news, family, community, etc).
● If you need to research a story from the news or a current event, you may
use your phone.
● 3 paragraph minimum. Minimum 5 sentences per paragraph. Turn in by end
of hour.
Sample Set Up:
Paragraph 1 – Introduce your opinion and compare the “Moral Universe” from
TKAM to your views of the “Moral Universe” in 2018.
Paragraph 2 – How are they the same – find:
– Evidence
– Examples
– Provide your Explanation
Paragraph 3 – How are they different – find:
– Evidence
– Examples
– Provide your Explanation

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